[VIP GIFTING] Cosmic Mansion Handwash & Handcream


Cosmic Mansion, founded in South Korea believes in curating something that is Truly Your Scents. 

In this year 2023 Appreciation Gifting for our Vips, we have prepared something in mind for you to have a lifestyle experience. In this gift box, contains Cosmic Mansion popular set - Handwash (Girl with Rose) & Handcream (Your chosen Scent)! Beautify your bathroom with the lovely aesthetic bottle, we bet your guests will ask where this lovelies are from! Our favourites from Team Ksisters too and may this scent brings refreshing start to the new year and time to pamper your hands! 

Girl with Rose Scent 


Founder's note: Rose fragrance, which has been established as a representation of a woman since long ago. It symbolise beauty, fresh sunlight and a fragrance full of loveliness. 

With the lovely Bulgarian rose and the refreshing bittersweet grapefruit made a good harmony scent. An attractive fragrance that will make you fall in love forever the moment you smell it. 

Founder's note: Giving flowers as a gift is a great way to express your feelings to the one you love. Whether it's a special or an ordinary day, a bouquet of flowers contains noble hearts. 

Another morning is birth where you can feel the power that makes you feel happy. The fresh freesia and tulip scents give life as if a flower bud has just burst, making you feel good the moment you smell it. The scent of lively and optimistic charm comes you in a pure, gentle and loving way. It reminds me of a morning garden full of sunshine and romance. 

Founder's note: Have you looked at the moon in the night sky lately? Everyone goes through imperfect times in life. When I look at the moon, I somehow feel at ease and comforted. I wish to comfort everyone in such a way, a scent that comforts and warms the heart. Full moon. 

Lavender, called the queen of herbs is effective against insomnia. With created blending florals such as peony and orchid, it has an elegant yet soft floral fragrances that finds tranquility in the mind.   

 This gift is entitled for Vips who spent between $1000 - $3999 in 1.1.2022 - 31.12.2022. 

*This item is for Vip Appreciation Gifting 2023 and is not for sale, any purchase made will be refunded. 

Special Note for VIP: 

1) Appreciation gift is only entitled to 1 box per Vip. 

2) This gift comes with 1 x Handwash (Girl with rose) & Handcream (your choice scent). While stock last. 

3) Gift amount & Free Shipping will be reflected $0 after carting out. 

4) Appreciation Gifting cannot be in exchange for Cash / Store credits/ Other products. Gift choices varies from time to time each year.

5) Gift will be dispatched by Ninjavan. 

6) Due to the setting in system, other discount codes / store credit cannot be used together with gift redemption.

We hope to have your understanding as we specially curate this gift in mind for you & hope you enjoy this lovely gift this new year! 


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