W.SEN 14K Gold Freshwater Pearl Earring


If you are an avid Seoul fashion lover, you should own at least 1 piece of jewelry from this brand! W.SEN Founder @wsen_jinhee has been known as one of the best jewelry designers and stylers in Korea ❤️  and her initial necklace was one of her best product in the 2018 Collection!





W.SEN 14K Gold Freshwater Pearl Earring features a 5.5~6mm diameter pearl earring with 14k Solid Gold~ This AAA+ grade Freshwater Pearls is in superior quality gloss and color as compared to the basic grade of Akoya pearls

Pearls are well-loved by women as it is known for classy & elegance~ Because of this top-grade quality (AAA+ grade is the highest pearl grade), it is impossible to make large quantities hence these pearls are in limited quantities only

What are freshwater pearls?

Freshwater pearls are usually cultured in pearl farms, freshwater lakes, and ponds, commonly found in Japan, China, and the United States. These pearls normally have a bodycolour of white, cream & pink hues with subtle pastel colours reflections and the diameter of the pearls ranges from 1mm~15mm and larger.

Much like diamonds, pearls come in different grading. The pearls are graded and evaluated by subdividing them according to color, gloss, surface, shape, and nacre.

Each AAA+ pearl comes in a sharp appearance with a high rate of reflection. Reflected light shows crisp, distinctive edges. The pearls are also in near-perfect matching; with little to no variation in color, tone, luster, shape, or size.

While freshwater pearls are commonly found, round & lustrous freshwater pearls are extremely difficult to find thus causing a high demand for it. W.SEN founder wants to make sure that she can secure the highest pearl grading with superior quality, so it took her a long time to produce this beauty!

Did you know that the usual freshwater pearls have irregular shapes and surfaces most of the time? However, this 14K Gold Freshwater Pearl Earrings (AAA+) have a much better gloss and bigger in sizing as compared to Akoya pearls basic grade (as seen on the image above) where
 basic Akoya grade pearl can easily cost you more than a hundred dollars! 😱 

What are akoya pearls?

When we talk about pearls, Akoya pearl is well known as is the first classic white pearl that is used in most jewelry. Cultured pearls are freshwater pearls that we often know (freshwater farming), Seawater pearls (South Pacific pearls, Akoya pearls) are largely classified.

Akoya pearls have a bright glossiness and a subtle pink or creamy color, and the size is usually less than 10mm.

W.SEN Founder has chosen the sizing of 5.5mm~6.mm for the freshwater pearl as this size is the most preferred sizing for daily wear💖 ~

Material: Freshwater Pearl AAA+, 14K Solid Gold

Size: Approximately 5.5mm ~ 6mm

: 5g per pair

This W.SEN 14K Gold Freshwater Pearl Earring is perfect for women of all ages! 

Show your love and appreciation with this elegant and timeless gift to your mother this Mother's Day! ❤️ 

Pearl storage:

Natural pearls are very week to moisture. Perfume should be avoided. When the pearls come in contact with water and moisture, the gloss and shine may turn cloudy.

Always ensure that it is stored separately, and does not come in direct contact with other pieces of jewelry. Avoid exposing the pearls to direct sunlight or sunlight as it may cause the unique glossiness to disappear. Avoid dry places.

After wearing it, wipe it with a soft cloth and store it in a case.


Please keep in mind that pearls have a unique texture and this is not a defect. Refunds/exchanges are strictly not allowed. Please kindly consider carefully before placing an order.

Refund/exchange due to air bubbles, fine scratches, peculiar texture, colour, tone, &/or size of the gemstone are strictly not allowed.

Products worn after the product packaging is removed cannot be exchanged or refunded.

The material of the products is stated above. Refund/exchange due to allergies is strictly not allowed.

Refund/exchange due to change of mind is strictly not allowed. Please consider carefully before placing an order.

W.SEN jewelry may be discoloured by water, sweat & perfume, so be sure to store it carefully. Please wipe them with a dry cloth and place them in the plastic bag sent with them for careful storage. 


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