W.SEN Chain Necklace/ Bracelet (Gold/Silver)

If you are an avid Seoul fashion lover, you should own at least 1 piece of jewellery from this brand! W.SEN Founder @wsen_jinhee has been known as one of the best jewellery designers and stylers in Korea ❤️ and her initial necklace was one of her best product in the 2018 Collection!
Introducing W.Sen’s Chain Necklace and Bracelet

The W.SEN chain series have been much anticipated by many customers and it was first introduced last year. Since March, W.SEN Founder had only been trying out products that had left good impression, when seen on photos.

The chain series is a design that is consistently launched by several local brands (with the exception of luxury brands) no matter the season. Everyone understands that this is a timeless piece and design not to be missed each season!

With no exception, this season, W.SEN works to bring a deeper sense of density with more improvement in its workmanship and design for their chain series.

Both W.Sen Chain Necklace and Bracelet are not comparable to the ones you find in the market, which are typically assembled directly after cutting off the ready-made chain. It is a unique accessory piece that you can't find anywhere else because all the small accessory parts are all developed and manufactured by themselves.

The size of the chain is arranged in 5 rhythmical ways, with the overall sense of line and fit being thoroughly considered. With this updated design and modification, W.SEN is assured that you will be satisfied upon receiving it.

The chain necklace and bracelet are statement pieces for fashion lovers like us!!! Let's share with you our thoughts about the collection or series of chain designs you must have. From modern and classic chains to unique, stylish chains; From the past to the present and even the future, W.SEN founder, Jinhee believes that this is an item that is well-loved by both luxury brands and local brands.

For ordinary daily wear in your daily life; For important gatherings to even commemorating a special day! This is a jewellery piece that caters to a variety of outfit styles no matter when and where you are! 

There are five different sizes of the chain, all of which are different. To arrange each chain unit in a rhythmical way and to make it fit, the lines were detailedly grasped before the final completion. This enables you to feel that the chains flow neatly along your neckline. This is definitely a product with a high sense of density due to it being manufactured under long working hours.

Lastly, W.SEN's beloved four-leaf clover charm is also specially hung up on the ends of the necklace and bracelet to send some luck over to you!

TIPS FOR YOU: STYLE UP the chain necklace together with its matching chain bracelet! Layering multiple necklaces will also make it stand out even more!!

Note: The chain necklace and bracelet are sold separately.

Unlike the gold plating necklace/bracelet, the one with white gold (silver coloured) plating is polished. Therefore, there is a difference between both texture.

Exchange and Refund: In order to protect the personal hygiene of all our customers, no exchange is allowed for this product.


Colours: Available in Gold (Yellow Gold) and Silver (White Gold)

Material: Brass, Gold-plated

Size: Total length is approximately 490mm (adjustable length)


Colours: Available in Gold (Yellow Gold) and Silver (White Gold)

Material: Brass, Gold-plated

Size: Total length is approximately 18cm around the wrist


Please feel its original style & texture with the rough finishing. It is a preorder product and takes about 15 working days to make upon order confirmation.

Please keep in mind that it is made in a handcraft workshop and features a rough finish but it is not considered as a defective or faulty item. Since the product is made-to-order, refunds/exchanges are strictly not allowed. Please kindly consider carefully before placing an order.


Refund/exchange due to bubbles, fine scratches, gemstone texture, colour, tone, &/or size is strictly not allowed.

The material of the products are stated above. Refund/exchange due to allergies is strictly not allowed.

W.SEN jewellery may be discoloured by water, sweat & perfume, so be sure to store it carefully. Please wipe them with a dry cloth and place them in the plastic bag sent with them for careful storage.

Please avoid wearing the jewellery when bathing, swimming or sleeping. Please avoid using silver detergent or glossy cloth for gold-plated products.

All the products are exclusively designed & manufactured. Refund/exchange due to change of mind is strictly not allowed. Please consider carefully before placing an order.

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