W.SEN Fiore Ring (3 Petals/ 4 Petals)


Founder @wsen_jinhee has been known as best jewellery designer and styler in Korea❤️ 

The story behind Fiore first started when Director Jinhee specially designed and hand drawn each flower petal and created her own signature jewellery line. It is one of her statement piece in W.SEN and ever-since this design has been one of the steady selling piece appearing in every collection. These fiore designs are created to be elegant and sophisticated. Each design is curated with an approach to stay timeless. 

Each ring is made in brass and carefully crafted in 20K gold plated finishing and adorn in Swarovski crystals at the center. Made in delicate workmanship, Director Jinhee designed this ring with an adjustable band that allow versatility. 

For 3 Petals Fiore Ring, each flower petal is handcrafted and hammered to create unique texture surface. Made in large floral petals compare to the usual rings, this rings makes bold statement accessories that portray both strength and femininity. 3 Petals Fiore Ring is available in 2 Swarovski crystals colours, Emerald and Crystal.

For 4 Petals Fiore Ring, it comes in smaller petals compares to 3 Petals Fiore ring. Adorned with aquamarine Swarovski crystal, this ring is design to look gentle, calm and beautiful. For ladies who prefers something minimalistic and classy, 4 Petals Fiore Rings will be the suitable choice to go for. 

These beautiful rings are really a great accessories this spring! Wear it as a single piece simplicity or style it daringly by wearing complimenting same piece of rings like Director Jinhee on 2 different hands. You can actually get very surprisingly styles! Don't miss as limited quantity is available for readystock. 



 Material: Brass, coated in 20K gold plating

Colour: Yellow Gold
Refund & Exchange: In order to protect the personal hygiene of all our customers, no exchange is allowed for this product.

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