W.SEN Pearl Mask Necklace



Note: Please kindly note that this product is not suitable for looping around the neck twice. 

THANK YOU for your amazing support and overwhelming response during Ksisters' Birthday sale!
The pearl mask necklace gifts were redeemed within 6mins!

We are thrilled to bring in this pearl mask necklace that was well-loved by our #ksistersfam! 

If you are an avid Seoul fashion lover, you should own at least 1 piece of jewellery from this brand! W.SEN Founder @wsen_jinhee has been known as one of the best jewellery designers and stylers in Korea ❤️ and her initial necklace was one of her best product in the 2018 Collection!

Introducing W.Sen’s Pearl Mask Necklace 

Looking for ways to stand out in a sea of masks? W.Sen’s Pearl Mask Necklace is here to up your styling game and look your best even when you're wearing a mask or under one. W.SEN Founder has always focused on not only the products' design but wearability and durability too (that goes without saying for this necklace as well!)

When it comes to pearl necklaces, white pearls are definitely the most popular and preferred colour. A classy ornament that is able to elevate your outfits and integrate with mask wearing. Not forgetting W.SEN's signature motif, Fiore, being added to the pearl necklace to create a luxurious touch. 

Detachable and wearable as a necklace by itself. Let function meets fashion! With this mask necklace, you don't have to worry about where to place your mask. You can simply attach your mask to the necklace and feel at ease wherever you go!

Designed to be worn not only as an eyewear chain or mask necklace but also, as a necklace on its own! Wear it as a necklace by simply removing the rubber decoration at the end of the chain.

TIPS FOR YOU: STYLE this necklace up with W.SEN Charm Collection or charms of your own to add some personal touches when sporting it as a necklace by itself. Layering multiple necklaces will also make it stand out even more!!

Note: Mask and Eyewear are not included.

Material: Brass, gold plated, pearl (fresh water pearls), crystal, gemstone, CZ


Pearls 4mm, Full Length: 73cm, Approximately 


Exchange and Refund: In order to protect the personal hygiene of all our customers, no exchange is allowed for this product.

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