W.SEN Water Drop Pearl Earrings/ Necklace (White Pearl in Gold/Silver)



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If you are an avid Seoul fashion lover, you should own at least 1 piece of jewellery from this brand! W.SEN Founder @wsen_jinhee has been known as one of the best jewellery designers and stylers in Korea ❤️ and her initial necklace was one of her best product in the 2018 Collection!

Introducing W.Sen’s Water Drop Pearl Earrings and Necklace

Pearls are recommended for ladies who are going for a sophisticated and elegant overall look. This is the strength and charm of pearl. Pearls are the most irreplaceable piece of jewellery no matter where you go; this is the saying Founder Jinhee lives by. The charm and elegance of pearls is also the very reason why W.SEN works on pearl related products every season.

The droplet-shaped pearl achieves a more elegant feeling, unlike the ones that are designed in the usual round, complete spherical shape. When you wear it, it helps to achieve a more visually stable look and enhance your facial features. With its colour and pearl glow of the pearl cream, you will be able to experience its bright illumination. Needless to say, the primary jewellery piece in our collection that helps to enhance our facial features is definitely the earrings. So be sure to select them!

The metal body line that surrounds the water drop pearl is also not inferior in its design. Harmoniously crafted with beautiful curves like flowing water and elegant pearls, it helps add a luxurious touch to them. The highlight and focus of the earrings is definitely the gold or silver lining part of the entire earring. It helps to maximise the overall design balance and ensure a great fit. You can feel it even without wearing the earring! The overall length is approximately 29mm~31mm.

Similarly, for the necklace, W.SEN Founder, Jinhee also took into consideration of its overall flow before finalising on the choice of the necklace. She believes that the coordination of the water drop pearl with the necklace would be perfect and hopes that everyone is satisfied with them as well!

W.SEN founder has worked really hard and put in lots of effort into this delicate piece of earring so she is sure that you will be satisfied with the end product.

This is a jewellery piece that is suitable for no matter the season! Recommended for daily wear or even sporting it during special occasions. Designed with an overall size and weight that anyone can love along with its beautiful pearl shape that reflects a high degree of workmanship and completion.

TIPS FOR YOU: PAIR your W.SEN Water Drop Pearl Necklace and Earrings together with the W.SEN Chain Necklace! Layering multiple necklaces definitely make the overall styling stand out even more!!

Note: The water drop pearl necklace and bracelet are sold separately.

Exchange and Refund: In order to protect the personal hygiene of all our customers, no exchange is allowed for this product.


Colours: Available in White Pearl in Yellow Gold and 

White Pearl in White Gold (Silver)

Material: Silver, Gold-plated, Artificial Pearl, Simulated Pearl

White Pearl: Yellow Gold Plated,

Artificial Pearl,
In order to make the unique shape look the most ideal, the design of the ear tip was also designed in depth.

Size: Total length is approximately 290mm

Weight: 8g per pair




Available in White Pearl in Yellow Gold and 

White Pearl in White Gold (Silver)

Material: Silver, Gold-plated, Artificial Pearl, Simulated Pearl
White Pearl: Yellow Gold Plated, 

Artificial Pearl

Size: Total length is approximately 420mm + 50mm (Inclusive of the chains at the end)


Please feel its original style & texture with the rough finishing. It is a preorder product and takes about 15 working days to make upon order confirmation.

Please keep in mind that it is made in a handcraft workshop and features a rough finish but it is not considered as a defective or faulty item. Since the product is made-to-order, refunds/exchanges are strictly not allowed. Please kindly consider carefully and understand the characteristics of the pearl before placing an order.


Refund/exchange due to bubbles, fine scratches, gemstone texture, colour, tone, &/or size is strictly not allowed.

The material of the products are stated above. Refund/exchange due to allergies is strictly not allowed.

W.SEN jewellery may be discoloured by water, sweat & perfume, so be sure to store it carefully. Please wipe them with a dry cloth and place them in the plastic bag sent with them for careful storage.

Please avoid wearing the jewellery when bathing, swimming or sleeping. Please avoid using silver detergent or glossy cloth for gold-plated products.

All the products are exclusively designed & manufactured. Refund/exchange due to change of mind is strictly not allowed. Please consider carefully before placing an order.

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