Whimsical Wanderlust Dress Country Tales Blue

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Comfort, function, style, practicality. These are elements which both Ksisters and BRUNO hold close to their hearts and are reflected in every outfit chosen, every product we bring in! We put the interests and needs of busy Mamas who hold their families together and help them to see them for the true goddesses they are - capable, strong, stylish and the heart of their homes. 
This collection combines all of those elements to show how the best times spent with friends could simply be in the comfort of your homes - anytime is a good time when with good company (and good champagne!) There’s something for everyone and every style in this versatile collection of beautiful spring colours and whimsical themes!

We will bring all samples to Boutique Fair from 16 -18 Mar at F1 pit building 2nd Floor blue room! So, if you want to see actual pieces, Kindly visit us!

Whimsy, magic, wanderlust and just a touch of innocence. This dress is so very comfortable, with hints of Japanese minimalist chic in its design and style. Travel the world in this one piece dress paired with sturdy, preppy shoes and a straw hat to protect against the elements, or dress it up with heels for a look that passes for casual corporate. So versatile and easy to put on and go - we imagine this being a staple in any Mama’s closet!
Check Out  Country Tales Blue Version : Link

Made in Korea/ Curated by Jungmin for SG friends

Separate Hand-wash

Size Chart(cm) : Free Size/ One side flat lay

Chest : 50cm  / Length: 86 cm

Libby in light blue is 168cm.

Joanne in Navy is 158cm.

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