Launched on 3 June, Thursday, 12pm!
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COMING SOON to Korean Home Cafe with Ksisters: We're bringing you the up and coming ceramic brand, MUJAGI STUDIO (mujagi_official) — producing objects with the artist’s heart and soul. Therefore, these objects are able to convey warmth and affection to your everyday life. 

A ceramic artist based in South Korea, Shin Boegun (boegun_m) is the artist behind MUJAGI STUDIO where his ceramic works are based on eco-friendly ideas. He has also won various awards and held various art collaborations in Korea.

Fan Set (Plate + Spoon) Plate:  W19cm x H21cm x D1.8cm
Spoon: W3.3cm x H10cm x D0.5cm
Plate: 384g
Spoon: 14g
Fan Spoon W3.3cm x H10cm x D0.5cm 14g
Flower 04 Plate W12cm x H2.5cm 134g
Flower 06 Plate W14cm x H3cm 149g
Flower 06 Flat Plate W12cm x H2.5cm 219g
Mugunghwa Soban W9.5cm x D3.8cm 155g
Flower 19 Plate W12cm x H2.5cm 122g
Flower 29 Bowl W19cm x H6.5cm 437g
Flower Mini Bowl W11.5cm x H5cm 179g
Mugunghwa Big Plate W21cm x D1.2cm 442g
Mugunghwa Small Plate W9.5cm x D0.7cm 66g
Flower Mug 250ml W7.7cm x H8.5cm, 204g

While dinnerware is an essential element of any table setting for serving food, it can also be a decorative addition to enhance your table setting especially during special occasions or when you've having guests over.