IWLT Cotton Strips


IWLT Cotton Strips are great for doing toner mask with IWLT Hydrating Treatment Toner which can be purchased separately here

Have you ever wondered how Korean celebrities have smooth, supple and glowing skin? One of the k-beauty secrets is doing a #skinpack, also known as toner pack! (Skin and Toner are the same word in Korean)

#Skinpack (Toner Pack)
A #skinpack is made by soaking cotton pads with toner and placing them on your face, which creates a "DIY mask". This is one of the quickest and easiest way to hydrate, calm troubled skin and lower your skin temperature. It is especially helpful in times like this when we have to wear a mask for long periods of time and you can do this at any time of the day. Check out the many K-celebs who include #skinpack in their skincare routine!

As recommended by Korea's top actress Kim Tae Hee, she does #skinpack to keep her skin moisturised and it helps to prevent acne as well! She soaks the cotton pads in a ziplock and places it in the fridge for a cooling effect.

Another top Korean actress - Ha Ji Won, carries around her skinpack with her wherever she goes so that she can quickly refresh her skin during her day. The key to looking youthful is definitely hydration!

Check out K-celeb Kim Jimin on Celeb Beauty explaining how she does her skinpack to achieve more supple and hydrated skin!

TIP! Always remember to remove it before it dries up, doing this prevent the cotton pad from sucking back the moisture out of your skin through osmosis.


• All skin types
• People looking for cotton strip made of 100% natural cotton

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