[VIP GIFTING 2024] Ksisters Cosmetic Pouch

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In this year 2024 Appreciation Gifting for our supportive Vips, we have personalised a classy cosmetic pouch catered to your essential travelling - just nice enough to fit everything in one. It was a love at first sight by our team Ksisters! Catch that gold rebranding logo to kickstart the new year on the right note! Our first rebrand merch to you. Hope you love it! 

Gift contains 1 pc x Ksisters Cosmetic Pouch. 

*This item is for Vip Appreciation Gifting 2024 and is not for sale, any purchase made will be refunded. 

Special Note for VIP: 

1) Appreciation gift is only entitled to 1 box per Vip. 

2) This gift comes with 1 x Ksisters Cosmetic Pouch. While stock last. 

3) Gift amount & Free Shipping will be reflected $0 after carting out. 

4) Appreciation Gifting cannot be in exchange for Cash / Store credits/ Other products. Gift choices varies from time to time each year.

5) Gift will be dispatched by Ninjavan. 

6) Due to the setting in system, other discount codes / store credit cannot be used together with gift redemption.

We hope to have your understanding as we specially curate this gift in mind for you & hope you enjoy this lovely gift this new year! 


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